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Introducing BELLUS SHAMPOO UNIT - the solution for adding a touch of refinement to any salon or spa. Featuring gentle contours, a plush seat, and a sweetheart design, each chair and unit exudes an opulent look and feel that will impress clients and elevate the atmosphere.

Bowl tilting range 13º downwards tilt and 7º upwards tilt.

Technical Information

Included With Unit:
Spray:Model 1735 "Sof-Flo" II Spray
Faucet:Model #550 "Dial-Flo" Faucet
Accessories:Receiver Cap, Connecting Hose, Vacuum Breaker, Drain Hose

Shipping Information

Estimated lead time: 4-6 weeks.

Dimensions: 30” W x 36-39” H x 48” L*

Warranty Information

The manufacturer provides a warranty against material or workmanship defects, valid from the date of purchase through an authorized Takara Belmont Dealer. This warranty excludes issues caused by misuse, abuse, tampering, accidents, or mishandling. Only shops or salons that originally bought from authorized dealers are covered. Claims should be directed through MrBeauty.
The warranty pertains specifically to Takara Belmont-manufactured items, though some exceptions may apply.


  • Micromist
  • Spa mist
  • Rollerball F
  • Yume SH-YML, bowl 1 year
  • Electric BBR Chair 

NO WARRANTY Changes in color, fading, stains, or alterations in appearance are not covered.

In a dynamic economic landscape, improvements are ongoing, and we retain the right to modify products without assuming liability to match previously purchased furniture or equipment. Specifications may change without prior notice. Many designs crafted by Takara Belmont are safeguarded by design registration and/or patents.

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